Tie layer Adhesive

The increasing number of demands and growing consumption of plastics require more types of composite materials. To meet this requirement, materials have to be changed in proper ways. Kimcross tie layer adhesive resin, despite its adhesive property and polarity, still maintains the basic property of polyolefin resins. These adhesive resins have been used for multilayer applications such as pipes, films, tubes, bottles, sheets, and tanks.

Key features:

  • Excellent long term adhesion durability
  • Excellent physical and mechanical properties
  • Excellent adhesion to PA, EVOH, and Aluminum


Grade Application Download
Kimcross 1500 Plastic fuel tank (PFT)
Kimcross 1501 Multilayer tubes
Kimcross 1503 Multilayer tubes
Kimcross 1505 Multilayer films
Kimcross 1545 Multilayer PE-X/Al/PE-X pipes
Kimcross 1575 Multilayer oil & gas pipe coating