Our range of black masterbatches is used extensively throughout the plastics and pipe industry. With properties such as UV protection, improved processability and dispersibility.

We can give our customers the specific attributes they need for their application. Building on more than 20 years of experience of polymers and polymer processing of additives, we operate state-of-the-art, fully-automated, continuous mixers in our processes, after perform advanced experiments specially configured for optimal mixing and dispersion, while protecting the integrity of the polymer and its properties.

Grades Application Download
Kimcol 5842 Injection moulding of drippers and extrusion of drip irrigation pipes where some resistance to weathering is requires.
Kimcol 5850 Designed for use in cold portable water pipe
Kimcol 5851 Designed for use in cold portable water pipe and food contact applications
Kimcol 5852 Designed for use in cold portable water pipe
Kimcol 5856 Designed for special application like cable
Kimcol 5858 It is particularly recommended for co-extruded and thin films requiring high opacity as well as good resistance to UV.
Kimcol 5836 Suitable for injection moulding _
Kimcol 5840 _
Kimcol 5857 _
Kimcol 5860 _