Cross-linkable Polyethylene Compound

Kimcross cross-linkable polyethylene compounds are introduced as a family of silane grafted polyethylene compounds curable by the addition of a catalyst masterbatch and exposure to moisture/ambient condition, made by the Sioplas method and mainly used for multilayer pipe, low and medium voltage cable. Kimcross can also be used for other applications requiring high or low working temperatures, and improved chemical and/or abrasion resistance. While the improved maximum operating temperature is one of the initial attractions of cross-linking, these materials have several features against uncross-linkable polyethylene.

Key features:

  • Higher heat resistance
  • Better chemical and chlorine resistance
  • Improved resistance to oxidative aging
  • Superior resistance to crack propagation
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Higher-strength at elevated temperature
  • Outstanding resistance to slow crack growth
  • High electrical and insulation properties


  • Lv and Mv power cable insulation
  • Domestic multilayer & monolayer hot/cold water pipes
  • Underfloor heating
  • Gas distribution