Our anti-static masterbatches contain migrating molecules which migrate to the surface and attract a thin layer of water molecules from the air, which is sufficiently conductive to dissipate the charge. Our wide range of masterbatches meets different needs, making them suitable for use in a variety of relative humidity levels, from dry to high moisture.
In over 20 years of working side by side with our customers, KJS has developed an innovative range of Anti-Static additives that help reduce the harmful effects of static electricity.


  • Avoiding oxidation damage during extrusion
  • Less clean-up downtime
  • Higher equipment operating efficiency
  • Free-flowing, easy-to-handle pellets
  • Minimized dusting, improving workplace hygiene
  • Discoloration rate reduction
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Kimadd 6105 Injection moulding, Extrusion _
Kimadd 6106 Blown film _