Polishing and coating of PVC tile, vinyl tiles, parquets and laminates.

Packaging: 1 lit, 4 lit

Floor will look new with this wax product. Floor wax is a professional grade for vinyl and other hard floor surfaces. It provides a beautiful, transparent, long-lasting shine that stands the wear and tear of heavy traffic. It can be also removed by using wax stripper.

– For use on interior floors such as rubber, vinyl composition, vinyl floors, parquets and laminates
– Designed to dry quickly to a bright coating
– Long-lasting shine
– Resists scuff and heel marks
– Contain resin

1. Strip floors to remove old waxes, sealer and finishes
2. Rinse thoroughly and let dry
3. With clean equipment apply thin, even coat of floor wax
4. Under normal condition, allow to dry for 30 minutes between coats
5. For the best results, apply between 3 to 5 layers of floor wax in 24 hours
6. After finish work, wash equipment and dry
7. Always use a clean mop
8. Do not use for uncoated wood floors
9. Test a small area before applying to the entire area